To make your roofing company soar in 2023, it’s important to gain more leads. The approach most take is flawed and inconsistent at best. Generating a consistent flow of new customers can be achieved by focusing on exclusive lead generation strategies that we’ll discuss within this guide. By unlocking the secrets for success today with these tried-and-true methods, you will ensure higher profits for your company.

Key Takeaways

Understanding the Importance of Roofing Leads

Marketing and Sales are the lifeblood for any business, including your roofing business. Marketing icon Dan Kennedy gave the advice that “before your head hits the pillow every day you need to have done something to fill your lead pipeline.” 

The most successful roofing companies definitely understand this and are constantly working on improving their lead pipeline (as this leads to future roofing installations).

You must have a consistent pipeline of leads in order to hit the income goals you have in mind for your business.

Staying focused on the lead generation side of the equation, what matters most is that your online strategies need to generate consistent leads.

The whole "lead generation" thing is a numbers game:

Invest In Roofing Lead Generation That Actually Works

To win the number of residential and commercial roofing work that you desire, it’s essential that you invest in lead generation strategies that actually work. 

There are many strategies for online lead generation that roofing companies take but in this article we will give you our 2 cents on which ones actually are worth the investment.

When you get this nailed down for your roofing company you will maximize their chances at generating successful jobs from these leads.

Our Insights From a Decade of Helping Roofing Companies Get More Roofing Leads

Our fastest growing roofing companies have used a very specific focus with their online marketing that has worked back to get markedly more roofing leads for their business. Watch this video from one of our company founders, Mike, detailing our experiences and sharing what works best: 

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To learn more about this strategy and see if it is a fit for your roofing company click here.

The Role of Roofing Leads in Business Growth

Generating high-quality leads is essential for the growth of any roofing company. Quality leads have a greater chance to become paying customers, resulting in more satisfied clients and increased profits over time. 

To ensure business success and remain competitive in 2023, implementing effective online lead generation tactics will be key – such as Google Ads Lead Generation strategies, optimizing Local SEO & Maps visibility on search engines like Google or Bing, using Social Media Advertising campaigns and Website SEO optimization methods plus sharing images/videos about your roofing projects across social media channels.

Having both quality AND quantity when it comes to generating new customer leads is crucial. Obtaining too many low quality prospects can lead to disappointment instead of prosperity!

Quality vs Quantity:
Finding the Right Balance

Roofing companies must strike the right balance between quality leads and quantity of leads to ensure long-term success. 

Higher quality leads that have a better chance of transforming into customers tend to be more lucrative for businesses but may be more of an investment to focus on 100%.

To combat this, focusing on generating as many qualified or ‘high-quality’ leads as possible should allow one’s roofing business to expand with satisfied customers.

For best results your roofing marketing plan should mix lead generation strategies such as Google Ads, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing and posting roofing projects via social media.

Exclusive vs Shared Roofing Leads

It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using exclusive roofing lead strategies as well as shared leads. 

Exclusive roofing leads are an excellent option (and the one we focus on for our roofing companies) since there will not be any other contenders for this particular lead.

This is where we focus because the numbers show it works infinitely-better.

It is a much easier game to win if you are “One of One” companies they are considering rather than “One of Six.” Using shared lead platforms is a guarantee that you will be competing with more roofing companies and making it harder on your business.

Just one of the problems of using shared leads is that multiple companies getting the same lead makes competition tougher and conversion rates lower.

The Biggest Problem With Shared Lead Sites To Get Your Roofing Leads

Yet another problem is that you invest a lot of money to get “less than great” leads. 

Many of the leads you get from a shared lead platform you won’t even be able to get in touch with even after countless attempts.

To make it worse, you will also find that some of the ones you can reach won’t be a good fit and are looking for small roof repair jobs or something completely irrelevant to your business.

Our biggest problem with using shared lead platforms is that you invest a lot of money only to build all the online ranking potential of the lead generator site (instead of your own business).

Think about it, their online assets get stronger the longer you and your competitors use their platform. They make money 5-6 times off every lead (even if it is junk) and re-invest that into their own online ranking to further strengthen THEIR asset.

They get all the upside leverage and their goal is to keep you stuck and dependent on them.

Advantages of Exclusive Roofing Leads

Exclusive roofing leads offer many advantages that make them a worthwhile choice for any roofing business. 

Most importantly, you can boost sales conversion rates, attract higher ticket customers not just fixated on price, and sell at better margins.

It is infinitely-easier to establish better customer connections as they are sent only to your company without competing with other contractors in the same area.

Hands down the best way to get qualified exclusive leads is by using a combination of Google Ads, Local SEO or Social Media Marketing.

Your roofing company can benefit by attracting qualified leads that turn into lucrative and satisfied customers.

Drawbacks of Shared Roofing Leads

When it comes to lead generation for roofing companies, shared leads can work but it comes at a significant cost. The problem is that you have to invest a lot and you have to sift through mostly junk leads in order to get a handful of residential or commercial roofing leads. 

On top of that, the higher level of competition usually results in reduced conversions and lower ticket customers.

You’re more likely to attract roofing repair leads that aren’t willing to do a full roofing installation.

On top of that, fighting for refunds on irrelevant leads can be a major time suck for you and your staff. The opportunity cost of this wasted time can be extremely frustrating.

For this reason, making decisions based solely on cost per lead should not be done without consideration for its total value to your business—including how many potential customers will convert from that particular campaign.

Why You Shouldn't Focus on Cost Per Lead - Focus on Cost Per Sale Instead

When it comes to lead generation for roofing companies, focusing on cost per sale as opposed to cost per lead will enable you to make more sound decisions and optimize your efforts in order to get the most bang for your buck. 

Think about it this way.

Would you rather have:

Situation A: 60 “shared” leads, contact only 20 out of those, spend countless hours fighting for refunds with the lead service, only 10 viable roofing leads, close 3 full roof installations and 1 small roof repair job.


Situation B: 34 “exclusive” leads, contact 30 leads, close 13 roof installation jobs and 3 roof repair jobs.

Which situation makes more sense to you?

We have seen many aspiring roofing businesses that make the mistake of wanting more leads every month.

More Leads Isn't Always Better

You don’t necessarily need more leads. Trying to always get more leads at the lowest cost per lead can be a mistake, one that many make. 

More isn’t always better. Better is better.

A superior approach that actually leads to increased revenue is to focus on better quality leads that have “buyer intent.”

You don’t need hundreds of those to hit the number of roofs a month you desire.

Top Strategies for Generating Roofing Leads Online in 2023

Roofing businesses need to stay competitive and increase their leads in 2023, so it is necessary to apply the best roofing lead generation techniques. From our 10+ years of online marketing experience here is our short list of proven strategies: 

1. Google Ads Lead Generation for fast results of buyer intent keywords that can be converted.
2. Local SEO/Google Maps Optimization for aiding visibility among local clients.
3. Social Media Marketing & Advertising for widening reach with potential customers through Facebook or Instagram posts displaying roof projects done by your company.
4. Website SEO is a VERY long term strategy but eventually boosts rankings on search engines leading to more new leads being brought into your business.

By utilizing all these strategies combined, you will optimize generating qualified sales opportunities thus increasing revenue for commercial and residential services provided by roofers such as yourself now and beyond this year! 

Google Ads Lead Generation (Done The Right Way)

Lead generation using Google Ads is a powerful approach for acquiring the most-targeted “buyer intent” roofing leads in an efficient manner. By focusing on search terms that reflect the needs of potential customers, you can attract those who are actively looking for your services, increasing conversion rates and consequently yielding more sales to benefit your roofing business.

To make the most out of lead generation with Google Ads it’s essential to create attractive ads, use a targeted direct-response landing page so that you can convert the highest number of clicks into leads.

Pro Tip: Don’t run your Google advertising straight to the homepage of your website but instead send it to a well-built direct-response landing page built specifically for paid traffic.

You also need to have proper tracking in place (phone tracking and web form tracking) so you have 100% clarity on who exactly you’re getting from your Google advertising campaign.

Concentrating on user intent roofing keywords as well as properly optimizing ad campaigns should result in higher ROI plus generate quality leads with ease allowing one to gain more fruitful outcomes from their roofing enterprise!

Roofing Company Google Ads Case Study

Our roofing client Ryan started as a 1-man show doing everything in his business two seasons ago and he has grown into a multi-million dollar business with 20 team members. Through a targeted Google Ads lead generation strategy we helped him get targeted roof replacement jobs and grow his business. Check out this video here:
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Google Ads Lead Generation Is An Investment

After running successful Google Ads lead generation campaigns for our Roofing clients we know that it is the best placements that get the highest quality residential and commercial roofing leads. 

The challenge is that many other roofers know that too.

An important point to understand is that Google doesn’t set the cost per click metrics in your local market. It is an auction-based system where roofers pay what they’re willing to pay for a click. In less competitive markets the average cost per click may only be $20/click but in competitive markets it may be around $50 per click.

You can’t “dip your toe” in the water with a small budget expecting to get enough clicks, enough leads, or enough sales to make a return on your investment.

Most of our roofing clients are investing anywhere from $1,500/month on the low-end to $10,000/month+.

That may sound like a lot BUT they are consistently getting an ROI on that investment and that’s why they continue to happily make that investment. Google Ads is worth it if done properly.

Local SEO and Google Maps Optimization

A close second to Google ads lead generation is getting your roofing business ranking in the Google Maps 3-pack.

When you rank in the Maps 3-pack you can get a consistent stream of quality exclusive leads for your roofing business.

To generate more roofing leads and increase presence in your local community, investing in Local SEO and Google Maps optimization is essential for any roofing business.

You will need to keep all information accurate across platforms, solicit reviews from customers as well producing content related to the services you provide.

On top of that, you need to keep your business listing information consistent across all the directory sites online so everything is “matchy, matchy.”

There are some other sneaky tricks we use here at Inbound Service Leads to help our roofing companies rank better locally.

Schedule an appointment if you’re interested in learning more.

Connect Your Google Business Profile To Your Google Paid Ads Campaign If Eligible

If you have a publicly-visible physical address showing on your Google Business Profile, you can also connect your profile to your paid ads campaign giving you yet another listing in the Google Maps pack like in the screenshot above. 

This can be a significant driver of additional exclusive roofing leads.

With these strategies applied correctly, it can make it easier for potential customers within your service area to find your business via search results on a variety of different online platforms.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Not What It's Cracked Up To Be?

Yes, people spend a lot of time on social media platforms.

But, should you advertise there to attract roofing customers? It depends, really.

Our recommendation is to maximize lead flow from Google Ads & local SEO as priority and then add in social media advertising once you have that nailed down. The reason being, people on Facebook & Instagram aren’t as targeted leads as those on Google proactively looking to hire a roofing company.

Our advice is to have a Facebook and Instagram page, post completed projects there, and get reviews there. Once you have Google Ads and local SEO completely locked down Facebook ads can be a good strategy to drive even more leads.

Sharing Completed Roofing Projects on Social Media

To make sure you get the most out of sharing these pictures, invest in superior visuals, write interesting captions with pertinent hashtags. This will help boost your online presence while engaging possible customers for more leads for your roofing business. 

By taking advantage of social media regularly when showcasing completed jobs, you can gain valuable exposure that brings new prospects directly to you!

Website SEO to Generate More Roofing Leads

see the results and it isn’t something we recommend starting with immediately. We view website focused SEO as a long term strategy to implement once you have Google Ads and Local SEO nailed down as a priority. 

If pursued with the right expectations, and at the right time, it can be a good strategy that will eventually result in higher organic search rankings and elevated lead production for your roofing company.

Some words of warning about Website SEO as a strategy:

• Traditional website-focused SEO is slow…so slow.
• You can invest into it for a year or more BEFORE seeing any results thus why it’s notat the top of our list for generating qualified exclusive roofing leads right out of the gate.

By optimizing your website with respect to online searches you can draw more potential customers as well as receive more leads in due course.

To make sure SEO works effectively on one’s site, it’s important they focus on:

• Including content pertinent & captivating into the Google Bots and your ideal customers
• Strategically including relevant keywords throughout webpages of your site
• Creating a user-friendly and fast-loading experience for your users
• Having strong backlinks to raise the Domain Authority of your website.
• And more…

Investment into website SEO can work but it is a very long term strategy not to be tackled for the faint of heart with fast expectations.

Measuring the Success of Your Roofing Lead Generation Efforts

For a successful roofing business, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation. Tracking KPIs like ROI and conversion rates allows you to gain insights into your strategies’ performance and find room for improvement. Placing tracking codes on websites/ads as well as analyzing user behavior across different platforms & devices can show how profitable each effort has been while also helping identify potential areas where changes are needed. Testing based on data-driven results will enable businesses to successfully generate more leads as well as attract new customers resulting in greater revenue. 

Tracking ROI and Conversion Rates

Tracking user activity on your website, ads and across devices with tracking codes and pixels is necessary for measuring the efficacy of lead generation initiatives. By establishing clear objectives alongside associated KPIs, you are in a better position to calculate ROI as well as analyze conversion rates and answer questions such as, “What percentage of leads result in profitable outcomes?” Refining these strategies based upon data collected will ensure continued growth for your roofing business while also generating future revenue streams from newly acquired customer relationships 


It is essential to generate more roofing leads for business growth and staying ahead of the competition. In order to win in a competitive roofing market, it is essential to invest in the right lead generation strategies that actually turn into high-ticket roofing jobs. If you’re interested in having your lead generation plan analyzed by our team you can book a complimentary Discovery meeting here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get more customers for my roofing business? 

A. To gain more customers for your roofing business, invest in SEO strategies, take advantage of social media advertising opportunities and referrals/partnerships as well as email marketing to generate qualified leads. Attend trade shows and distribute high-quality promotional materials that can help you promote your roofing services effectively.

Q. What are the top strategies for generating roofing leads online in 2023?

A. Generating leads for roofing projects in 2023 can be done through the use of Lead Generation via Google Ads, optimizing Local SEO and Google Maps, establishing Social Media campaigns. As well as perfecting Website SEO to showcase on these platforms.

Q. What is the difference between exclusive and shared roofing leads?

A. Roofing companies can obtain exclusive leads that are only sent to one company, as opposed to shared leads which are distributed among several firms and thus create more competition, leading to potentially lower success rates.

Q. Why should I focus on cost per sale instead of cost per lead?

A. By analyzing cost per sale, you can gain an insightful perception of the return on investment and use it to optimize your lead generation initiatives for maximum effectiveness.

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