The First And Only, Multi-channel Marketing System Designed Specifically For Home Services Contractors.

how typical shared leads services Works

how the Inbound Service Leads™ SYstem works

Prospect goes online to find a contractor

They see an ad from the shared lead company

They submit their information and the shared lead company explains that they'll connect the prospect with the "best contractors for the job"

The Shared Lead company sends that prospects information out to 4 (or more), local contractors who all pay for the lead

The contractors all race to contact the prospect and set up an appointment to provide a quote

All contractors meet with the prospect and present their quotes.

Sometimes, prospects will arrange to have multiple contractors show up to quote the job at the same time - not good!

The Prospect awards the job to one of the contractors - often it's the cheapest

Contractor completes the job

If the customer is happy, they go online and leave a review for the Lead Company – not the contractor.
This increases the value of the LEAD company’s business (not yours), and more importantly – it encourages more and more prospects to use the lead services – which INCREASES COMPETITION IN YOUR LOCAL MARKET and makes it harder and harder for you to win every future job…

how the Inbound Service Leads™ SYstem works

Prospect goes online to find a contractor

They see your business showing up everywhere they go online

They click through one of your placements, and visit a high converting landing page specifically designed to showcase your business

The prospect decides that you're the company to help them with their project, and they call you directly from our landing page

You (or a member of your team), books an in-person visit with the prospect

You show up and quote the job - sharing more info about why working with your business is a great choice

The prospect agrees, and awards you the project

You complete the job - focused on quality and results, because you didn't have to cut margins

The customer is thrilled with your work, and goes online to leave a review for your business. When other people ask who did the work - they tell them about you and your business

Typical Conversion Rates





* Every business is unique, and results can not be guaranteed - but these are typical results for our contractors.

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